Breaking news
The celebrity chef's two steak restaurants go into administration - but he immediately buys one back.
The Baltic state's anti-corruption agency suspects Ilmars Rimsevics of seeking a €100,000 bribe.
Sir Philip Green says he has never held talks with China's Shandong Ruyi about selling his Arcadia retail empire.
As a poll finds "worrying attitudes" among employers, three mums tell the BBC about their experiences.
Several Punjab National Bank workers have been detained in connection with India's biggest fraud.
The collapse of Derby-based Russell Hume following an FSA investigation will cost almost 270 jobs.
Hundreds of the chicken chain's UK outlets are shut following "issues" with new delivery firm DHL.
Customers react as KFC closes 562 restaurants after problems with a supplier caused a chicken shortage.
Individual Savings Accounts are slowly offering better returns to savers
Great Ormond Street Hospital had said it would return money donated by the Presidents Club charity.

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FX Trade Recommendations – 19 February 2018

FX Trade Recommendations 19 February 2018 New EUR/USD: Short below 1.2415, Target @ 1.2365. SL @ 1.2465 New GBP/USD: Short below 1.4015, Target @ 1.3965. SL @ 1.4065 New USD/JPY: Long above 106.55, Target @ 107.05. SL @ 106.05 New AUD/USD: Short below 0.7925, Target @ 0.7875. SL @ 0.7975 New AUD/NZD: Long above 1.0735,…
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FX Trade Recommendations – 16 February 2018

FX Trade Recommendations 16 February 2018   New EUR/USD: Long above 1.2475, Target @ 1.2525. SL @ 1.2425 New GBP/USD: Long above 1.4045, Target @ 1.4095. SL @ 1.3995 New USD/JPY: Short below 106.25, Target @ 105.75. SL @ 106.75 New AUD/USD: Long above 0.7950, Target @ 0.8000. SL @ 0.7900 New AUD/NZD: Long above…
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As EU Softens Brexit Deal, Pound Strengthens – 15 February, 2018

Sterling advanced against the Dollar for the fourth day, reaching a 10 day high as the European Union considers censuring Britain less during Brexit deals and transitions. The Pound strengthened by 0.2 percent at 88.80 pence per Euro, and rose against the Dollar to $1.4077 or 0.6 percent, advancing a total of 1.7 percent this week.
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FX Trade Recommendations – 15 February 2018

FX Trade Recommendations 15 February 2018 New EUR/USD: Long above 1.2475, Target @ 1.2525. SL @ 1.2425 New GBP/USD: Long above 1.4065, Target @ 1.4115. SL @ 1.4015 New USD/JPY: Short below 106.65, Target @ 106.15. SL @ 107.15 New AUD/USD: Long above 0.7925, Target @ 0.7975. SL @ 0.7875 New AUD/NZD: Short below 1.0730,…
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Gold Rises Despite Weak Dollar – 14 February, 2018

Gold rose 0.6 percent in the to $1,337.02 per ounce, it's highest since the first week of February, despite the Dollar slipping as U.S. inflation data may give an insight to monetary tightening. The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index continued to fall for a fourth day, down 2.9 percent since the start of the year. In…
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FX Trade Recommendations – 14 February 2018

FX Trade Recommendations 14 February 2018 New EUR/USD: Long above 1.2345, Target @ 1.2395. SL @ 1.2295 New GBP/USD: Long above 1.3865, Target @ 1.3915. SL @ 1.3815 New USD/JPY: Short below 107.35, Target @ 106.85. SL @ 107.85 New AUD/USD: Long above 0.7865, Target @ 0.7915. SL @ 0.7815 New AUD/NZD: Short below 1.0755,…
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Oil Prices Remain Stable Despite Weaker Dollar – 13 February, 2018

Because of oversupply, crude prices remain lower than recent highs, though prices are stable because of expectations that a weak Dollar will encourage the demand for fuel. West Texas Intermediate was down 2 cents to $59.17 per barrel, while Brent Crude was up 5 cents to $62.77 per barrel. U.S. crude inventories rose by 3.9…
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Daily Technical Analysis – 13 Feb, 2018

Daily Technical Analysis – 13 Feb, 2018 EUR/USD Intraday: further advance. Pivot: 1.2280 Our preference: long positions above 1.2280 with targets at 1.2370 & 1.2405 in extension. Alternative scenario: below 1.2280 look for further downside with 1.2255 & 1.2235 as targets. Comment: the RSI shows upside momentum. Green Lines Represent Resistances | Red Lines Represent…
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