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AFX Advisors is a leading global site dedicated for serious FX, commodities, options and CFDs Traders from across various parts of the world. Management, sales, customer service and analytic teams were handpicked from the finest talents in the industry to provide costumed tailed solutions to both retail and institutional trades. Whether you are looking for an up-to-date analysis, trade recommendation, and market insight, you are sure to find what you are looking for with.

AFX advisors agents are available in many locations across the Middle East and Europe to provide fast and personal support to our valued customers.

AFX Advisors are fully owned by Premier Advisors Consultancy. Premier Advisors Consultancy; “PAC” is a global leader in online financial services. PAC is strategically positioned to provide superior services to its multilingual clients based worldwide. This is achieved through its multiple subsidiaries servicing various fields; ranging from online financial education, automated trading and social media education. Consequently, PAC is becoming the household brand-name in its field.

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