Pound Gains More Than Predicted- 17 August, 2017

Coming out of a five day decline against common currency, the Pound gained versus the Euro, rising above expected retail sales for the month of July. The sale of goods went up by 0.3 percent in a rising demand for food when the prediction was a rise of 0.2 percent. Retail sales were affected by…
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Yuan Settles After Tension Affects Currencies- 15 August, 2017

With China setting its midpoint rate ti 6.5589 per Dollar, the Yuan weakened against the Dollar by 0.13 percent after its strongest in 11 months open just the day before. This is a reflection of the current political tension between the U.S. and North Korea having cooled off for the time being. A cap was…
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Dollar Strengthens, Oil Tumbles – 14 August, 2017

As the Dollar strengthened this week after a sharp drop in oil prices on Monday by 2.5 percent. by Tuesday, prices steadied and crude is up 13 cents to %50.86. For China, the worlds second largest consumer of oil, concerns grew due to a typical drop in demand for countries paying with other currencies when…
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Yen Climbs Over Dollar – 10 August, 2017

Tension between the U.S. and North Korea set the Dollar at an eight-week low against the Yen, slipping to 109.11 Yen on Friday. The Swiss Franc climbed against the Dollar as well after President Trumps warning to fight back against  North Korea.
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Gold Rises As Political Tension Heats – 9 August, 2017

Military tensions between the U.S. and North Korea caused gold to climb to its highest since June. Missile threats by North Korea pushed gold 11 percent this year, and some government bonds advanced amidst President Trump's threat to fight back. Gold prices rose to $1.282.40 per ounce, the highest since June.
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Dollar Slips Amidst North Korea Tension – 8 August, 2017

Political tension caused by North Korea's missile launch threats on U.S. soil has impacted the Dollar dropping it down to 93.683 after it barely escaped a 15 month low of 92.548. The Stock Market closed low on Tuesday in response to President Trumps vow to act aggressively with "fire and fury" to any threats made by…
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