Euro Hits Highest Since September – 28 June, 2017

The Euro hit its highest trading at 1.03 up to $1.1294 percent since September versus the dollar which fell 0.7 percent to $1.1304. The Dollars's fall helped boost crude to rise 2.21 percent relieving some of the pressure from the long standing oversupply.
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Oil Rises After 10 Month Low – 22 June, 2017

After a 10 month drop in oil, prices finally began to rise Thursday to $42.74 a barrel from $42.05 just the day before, the lowest its been since August 2016. Since February, crude dropped roughly 20 percent. Crude output in the United States has caused a heavy oversupply, but producers may profit even if a…
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Euro Strengthens, Beats The Dollar – 21 June, 2017

The Euro is on the rise against the dollar strengthening and surpassing the Yen by 7.6 percent in just two months. With the diminishing political risks and a recovering economy, the Euro is predicted to be on the rise just as the Dollar did in 2014. While the Dollar fell against major currencies, the Euro rose…
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Pound Falls Against Dollar – 19 June, 2017

Political uncertainty in the U.K. has caused the Pound to slip against the Dollar on Monday in the midst of Brexit negotiations. Sterling was trading down 0.2 percent at $1.2753 against the dollar. The pound was 87.60 flat against the Euro.
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Oil Hits Six Month Low – 15 June, 2017

U.S. crude settled lower for the second day in a row down 27 cents after a six month low. This slump comes regardless of the cuts of 1.8 million daily barrels by OPEC and other producers. Prices have dropped about twelve percent since the end of May, while U.S. production is up roughly ten percent…
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Pound Climbs as Dollar Falls Behind – 14 June, 2017

Despite U.K. wages growing at the slowest rate in over two years, the Pound still surpassed the Dollar due to it's biggest fall in U.S. consumer inflation in retail sales since the start of 2016. The Bank of England will meet to discuss if central bank's tone is impacted by the current political state.
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Saudi Limits Oil Exports – 13 June, 2017

Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia will limit the volume of crude so the United States and some Asian buyers this July. 300,000 barrels per day will be cut to Asia, while 35% cuts will be made to US exports. These cuts come as part of a global supply pact, as well as to meet domestic demand…
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