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Britain and China are among the countries affected by the recall of baby milk formula products.
Trading in futures contracts is a step towards legitimising the digital currency, its supporters say.
CEO Secrets: Tech start-ups should concentrate on their core business and fight on one front at a time, says Stefano Tresca
Kristina Karlsson set up her stationary business following a eureka moment, and it has since gone global.
People in less affluent regions spend more as a proportion of income on Christmas, analysis suggests.
MPs warn a crackdown on pension cold-calling may not happen until 2020 unless ministers take action.
From smoked salmon to smartphones, 2017 is shaping up to be an expensive Christmas for consumers.
Germany's spy agency says China is using the site to gather information on politicians.
As Jerome Powell prepares to take over the Federal Reserve, is the era of central bank independence ending?
The Brexit secretary says he wants a tariff-free trade deal, as Labour suggests paying for market access.

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FX Trade Recommendations – 4 December 2017

FX Trade Recommendations - 4 December 2017 New EUR/USD: Short below 1.1845, Target @ 1.1795. SL @ 1.1895 New GBP/USD: Short below 1.3525, Target @ 1.3475. SL @ 1.3575 New USD/JPY: Long above 112.95, Target @ 113.45. SL @ 112.45 New AUD/USD: Short below 0.7600, Target @ 0.7550. SL @ 0.7650 New AUD/NZD: Long above…
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FX Trade Recommendations – 1 December 2017

FX Trade Recommendations - 1 December 2017 New EUR/USD: Long above 1.1905, Target @ 1.1955. SL @ 1.1855 New GBP/USD: Short below 1.3505, Target @ 1.3455. SL @ 1.3555 New USD/JPY: Long above 112.45, Target @ 112.95. SL @ 111.95 New AUD/USD: Long above 0.7570, Target @ 0.7620. SL @ 0.7520 New AUD/NZD: Short below…
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Pound Jumps As Brexit Talks Advance – 30 November, 2017

With Britain and the European Union inching closer to an agreement in the Brexit terms, the Pound jumped as much as 1%  as it rallied against all of its G-10 peers. A meeting scheduled for next week has brought forward pricing for the next Bank of England rate increase to September. The Pound reached its…
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Daily Technical Analysis – 30 November, 2017

Daily Technical Analysis – 30 November, 2017 EUR/USD Intraday: under pressure. Pivot: 1.1870 Our preference: short positions below 1.1870 with targets at 1.1805 & 1.1780 in extension. Alternative scenario: above 1.1870 look for further upside with 1.1895 & 1.1920 as targets. Comment: the RSI is mixed to bearish. Green Lines Represent Resistances | Red Lines…
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FX Trade Recommendations – 30 November 2017

FX Trade Recommendations - 30 November 2017 New EUR/USD: Short below 1.1840, Target @ 1.1790. SL @ 1.1890 New GBP/USD: Long above 1.3465, Target @ 1.3515. SL @ 1.3415 New USD/JPY: Long above 112.35, Target @ 112.85. SL @ 111.85 New AUD/USD: Short below 0.7565, Target @ 0.7515. SL @ 0.7615 New AUD/NZD: Long above…
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Brexit Talks Take Shape As Sterling Advances – 29 November, 2017

Sterling climbed by 0.7 percent, its highest since September, and was trading at $1.3434 in London as the EU reached an outline on the Brexit deal and starting the conversation about Britain's much awaited divorce from the European Union. Since The Bank of England's decision to raise interest rates in the beginning of November, the Pound advanced…
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Oil Inches Higher Day Before OPEC Meeting- 29 November, 2017

International benchmark for oil prices were at $62.74 per barrel, 21 cents higher, the day before OPEC is scheduled to hold a meeting in Vienna along with representatives from other oil producing companies. West Texas Intermediate is up 11 cents to $57.41 per barrel, while trading activity in Asia was low. OPEC will discuss some…
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